Manuel Puchta

Location: Hamburg
Mail: hallo[at]

Born on the 18th of April 1986 in Hof, Germany.
German citizenship


  • 2007 Fachhochschulreife, Staatliche Fachoberschule Hof
  • 2012 Medieninformatik, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), University of Applied Sciences Hof


  • 2012 - 2017 Internship, (Junior) Web Developer @ Jung von Matt
  • 2017 - 2020 Senior Web Developer @ Demodern - Creative Technologies
  • Since 2020 Senior Web Developer @ Tomorrow

I've been working with clients such as BMW, Bosch, DFB, Elbphilharmonie, Mercedes-Benz, smart and more.

Selected projects

  • 2015 Frontend Development :: DFB Ehrenrunde website (Jung von Matt) [more information]
    AngularJS v1, Less
  • 2016 Frontend Development :: BMW VISION NEXT 100 special (Jung von Matt) [more information]
    Vanilla JS, SCSS
  • 2016 Web Development :: Countdown Elbphilharmonie campaign platform (Jung von Matt) [more information]
    Django, AngularJS v1, SCSS with BEM
  • 2018 Web Engineering :: automotive retail experience for smart (Demodern) [more information]
    React, Redux, SCSS
  • 2019 Web Engineering :: 3D car configurator application for smart (Demodern) [more information]
    React, Redux, styled-components, Jest, Jenkins, PCF
  • Since 2020 Web Engineering :: relaunching marketing website, self-service pages and sign up. To achieve scalability and maintainability I introduced a design system (component library) which powers almost all Tomorrow websites today.
    TypeScript, React, Redux, styled-components, Next.js, Storybook, Jest, Testing Library, Node.js, Headless CMS, Kubernetes, docker, GitLab CI


  • (Frontend) Web Engineering 9+ years of experience, writing clean and maintainable code.
  • UX/UI Development I love to create easy-to-use interfaces and to work closely with the UX/UI Designers to create the best user journey.
  • Prototyping
  • Technical Project Management Project planning, client and service provider communications - My favourite agile process frameworks are Scrum and Kanban (with periodically team retrospectives).
  • Technical Lead Software architecture, code review, communication, mentoring - I'm always happy and curious to improve and reflect current workflows within the team and company in a collaborative way. I'm a fan of flat hierarchies, transparency, self-management and empowerment.
  • Working remotely
  • Favourite tools, topics: JavaScript (ES Next, TypeScript / React, Redux), HTML5, CSS3 (SCSS, CSS in JS), Node.js, webpack, Babel, git feature-branch workflow, test-driven development (TDD) with Jest, CI/CD, DevOps, scalability, performance


  • 2015 Web Development, UX/UI-Design, Querfeld website (free time)
  • 2016 Web Development, TRUST THE GIRLS online platform (free time)
  • 2017 Web-Application Development, visitor selftest for Kanal phil harmonie II. by BALTIC RAW ORG at Elbphilharmonie Revisited exhibition, Deichtorhallen Hamburg (free time)

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